Entry Fees & Forms

Race-teamEntry fee: $2000 per boat/team, or appx. $100 per paddler. Checks should be made payable to:

Canal Dock Boathouse, Inc.
(“Canal Dock”)

Access the Online Entry Portal for teams, captains and paddlers to submit entry information & waivers.

Or, to enter the old fashioned way, use entry forms below that can be printed & mailed, or scanned and returned electronically to: jan@canaldock.org

Dragon Boat Waiver 2018Registration Form 2018 • Paddler List

Please write your team name in the memo line of your check, and mail to:

Canal Dock Boathouse, Inc.
Dragon Boat Regatta
PO Box 124
New Haven, CT 06501

To make an ACH or Wire transfer, please contact the regatta organizer for instructions: manager@dragonboatregatta.canaldock.org

Questions? Email: jan@canaldock.org